Tour Aim With Alignment Sticks

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Customer Reviews

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Jeff S.
Great training aid!

There are a lot of great ways to use Tour Aim but, for me, I just wanted to be able to check my alignment on an ongoing basis. The Tour Aim is terrific for that. I used to hate putting down 2-3 alignment sticks, measuring them to make sure they’re parallel and then have to restart the process if I wanted to aim at a different target. And because I found that process annoying, I never used alignment sticks. The Tour Aim makes using alignment sticks super simple and very effective.

Bob Rittberger

Tour Aim With Alignment Sticks

Paul Meyer Golf Academy
Great putting Aid

Great aid for working on path and start line. Easy to see if face angle stays square to path. Throw a chalk line down with it and you are set to go!

David Bushey

Tour Aim With Alignment Sticks

Steven J Auferoth
Tour Aim with Alignment Sticks

I think this is an awesome product. I really like the adjustability of this product from a wide hitting area to a more narrow hitting area. I highly recommend this product to any golfer wanting to improve.