PGA Show Recap

Hi there, fellow golfer:

We’re back from Orlando for our first-ever PGA Show and all I can say is, Wow – what an experience!!

We managed to meet tons of amazing folks from across the golf industry. 

To a person, they totally “got” the Tour Aim concept and loved how easy it is to set up and use. 

We quickly sold through our supply and took orders for many more units. Frankly, I was overwhelmed by the positive response.

It was also cool meeting so many people I’ve admired from afar.

Among the “celebrity” teachers stopping and getting Tour Aims were Chris Como – one of a handful of instructors who can say they’ve personally coached Tiger Woods, and the youngest member of Golf Magazine’s Top 100 Teachers in America.

Also visiting was Mike Adams, who’s been listed on every Golf Magazine Top 100 and Golf Digest Top 50 Teacher list EVER.

In short, everyone who saw Tour Aim in action came away impressed.

As the majority of the people we met were golf instructors, they loved the simplicity and effectiveness of Tour Aim. They immediately saw how it will improve their lessons and their students’ games. There was no argument that Tour Aim is the one training aid that every golfer needs.

As most of you have checked us out already, please feel free to share this with your fellow golfers.

Aim Better, Play Better, Score Better with Tour Aim 

Noah Wolf, Founder and CEO
Tour Aim Golf