At Tour Aim Golf customer satisfaction is our number 1 priority.  Please view the following instructional videos for the best Tour Aim experience.

The Hitting Area

The 1st topic we need you to be aware of is where in the hitting area to place the ball. The ball should be 2-3 ft back from the Tour Aim so you don't make contact with the Tour Aim with your golf club on your follow through. Please watch the Tour Aim- Hitting Area Safety video for more details.

Understanding The Swing Plane

TThe 2nd topic we need you to be aware of is using alignment sticks in the swing plane function of Tour Aim. The swing plane function is for indication of how your swing plane is, if you do not fully understand the golf swing plane and how it can help your game please consult your local PGA teaching professional on how to use Tour Aim's swing plane function to improve your game. Please start slow and take practice swings, and build up confidence. Injury to you and damage to golf clubs are possible if improperly used and the build up process is not followed. Please view the Tour Aim Swing Plane video below.

Alignment Stick Options

Tour Aim Golf sells its own alignment sticks that work perfect with Tour Aim.

Other Alignment Sticks:

Golf alignment sticks come in a variety of lengths and diameters.  Tour Aim was designed to work with any 5/16" (.3125") alignment stick and the majority of alignment sticks on the market work with Tour Aim.There are some alignment sticks that are advertised as being .3125" diameter but actually range from .314-.315 and these unfortunately won't work with Tour Aim (MVP Sports).   Alignment sticks typically come with black rubber caps and at least one of the caps will need to be removed to use with Tour Aim.