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Tour Aim 2.0
Tommy Cerven

I’ve been using this every single time I practice and I’ve gifted it to 2 other people so far. I told them it is a “non-negotiable,” if you’re going to practice you HAVE to be using this!

Came damaged

Tour Aim 2.0 With 3 Alignment Sticks
Terry's Custom Rods
Good product but use caution

The swing path trading was my primary purpose as I tend to come over the top like many golfers. I setup for the fairway wood path and after a number of slow speed practice swings I tried to hit a ball and my shat hit the end of the alignment stick and snapped off the head. Totally my fault but use caution!

Tour Aim 2.0
Jeffrey Beezley

Customer Service is 2nd to none

Good for alignment and putting aid.

Tour Aim 2.0
Gunnar Schmauss
Love this tool!

Best tool for your money in the golf industry. We all know the golf industry is followed with gimmicks and tricks. Don’t be fooled by the competition and order a tour a today. You will drop strokes off your hdcp if you stick with it!

Tour Aim 2.0
Patrick Kelly
Great product

Easy set up and easy to use. I use this with my high school golf team. The team is always using it.

Tour Aim 2.0
Kenny Smith

The tour aim is really good for the range . But is extremely difficult on the putting green.

Tour Aim 2.0
John Perry
Excellent Practice Aid

I coach high school golf and one of the things I have been doing for years is giving each player two alignment sticks when they join the team. Getting them to use them correctly, or even at all, has been a problem though. I recently purchased a Tour Aim to try out and have since purchased 5 more for team members to use. It makes using alignment sticks so much easier and more efficient. When you want to change targets, you don't have to re-align two sticks, you can just pick up the whole assembly and point it at the new target. There are no longer issues when you accidentally kick a stick or hit one while moving a ball into position. It's also really easy to move the whole assembly when you need to move to a different piece of turf.

I am extremely happy with the purchase, this is an excellent training aid and makes practice more efficient!

Tour Aim 2.0
Michael Clanahan
Love the product

Love the product. Honestly it’s best to go ahead and get the alignment sticks to make sure everything sets up correctly. However, I order the 4 sticks after the tour aim 2.0 and it does not come with the alignment sticks cover.

Tour Aim

Great alignment stick cover. Able to fit over the 3 alignment sticks easily. This was just what I was looking for. Thanks Tour Aim for another great product.

Tour Aim 2.0 With 4 Alignment Sticks
Great Project

I purchased the Tour Aim 2.0 primarily for the alignment on the driving range. However, the putting aspect of the product is outstanding. Tour Aim 2.0 gives instant feedback on if you're hitting your line on the putting green. Has made a huge difference in my putts per round and the confidence I have on the greens.

Tour Aim 2.0
JD Dourneau
5 Star Product & Customer Service

Had a little misunderstanding with my Tour Aim. With the help of the great customer service, we we're able to get it figured out. I'm really happy I chose this training aid versus the many other similar trainings aids that are out there. The Tour Aim does it all and more. Thanks again Tour Aim!

Tour Aim Alignment Stick Headcover Deal

Tour Aim 2.0 With 4 Alignment Sticks

Thing is built cheap. Great concept but plastic is to hard. I dropped mine in my simulator room and it broke in half . The alignment sticks are nice.

Great product works the way it should

Tour Aim +
Edward Burgess
Great offer at the show

Thanks for offering this at the show. Nice meeting you both!

Tour Aim 2.0
Matt Sharnick
Great customer service

Received my tour aim and was excited to use it, but first swing with it I topped the ball and cracked the center of the tour aim when the ball hit it. I sent a message to customer service and they are sending me a new one immediately, very happy with the customer service and excited to use the product again when it arrives!

Tour Aim 2.0 w/4 AS + AS Headcover- QTY 1
Hunter Hubel
Great product

Love my tour aim but never received my extra attachment

Tour Aim 2.0 With 4 Alignment Sticks

Looks great. Just watched all training videos and cant wait to get to the range and use it. Hopefully it will helped me break 80 soon.

Tour Aim 2.0
greg stroud
Simple and effective

Simple and easy! Already see improvements in my alignment and ball striking. Making golf easier for an ex baseball player!!

Tour Aim 2.0
Leo Breaux
Outstanding Customer Service!

On my first outing to the range with the Tour Aim system an errant shot hit and broke the plastic piece. I notified Tour Aim and a replacement order was processed that day. Great Service!

Tour Aim 2.0 With 4 Alignment Sticks
Blake McIlwain
Great training aid

Just received the Tour aim a few days ago. Spent a total of 3hrs on the range working on fixing my over the top swing. First round after the practice and hit more soft draws than I expected to hit. Can only imagine how much better it will get with more range time.

Tour Aim 2.0
WALTER Appleby
tour aim 2.0

This golf aid has tremendous versatility. It can be used as an alignment device for full swing, chipping, or putting. It also provides a swing plane option that enhances it's overall value. As a player and teacher, it enhances my ability to play and to teach the game effectively. One of the most valuable training aids.

Tour Aim 2.0
Nicholas Davis
Great Product!

Got one for Christmas, love it!