Alignment Sticks

Alignment Sticks

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Orders process within one business day and shipping takes 3-6 days in the lower 48 US.

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We currently ship Tour Aim's everywhere in the world where golf is played!! The alignment sticks only ship within the United States

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We guarentee you will see the benefits of Tour Aim and it will improve your game!!! If you are not satisfied for any reason you have 30 days to return the Tour Aim for a full refund.

Customer Reviews

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Michael Puryear

Alignment Sticks

Roger Henderson
Best training aide on the market!

This company is professionally run and the shipping g is very fast.
The Tour Aim is the best alignment aide on the market for not only your swing but also for putting. And the real bonus is the swing plane aide for multiple clubs!
Great product Tour Aim!!!

Louis Hampton III

Alignment Sticks

Joe B.
Versatile training aid

You can do a lot with this tool. Line up shots, practice proper swing plane, and putt. My club pro uses this tool too. Last Friday I had a putting lesson using this tool, which gave excellent feedback and you can’t mess up recreating the drill. Annoyed that I had to buy the alignment sticks because mine did not fit.

Just What I Needed!

The Tour Aim WORKS! My alignment is better. Because my alignment is better, my ball striking is much better. Because of my ball striking being better my scores are going low!!! It’s crazy and so cool. My son, gave me some great advice, “Dad, Practice with Purpose. Tour Aim + Purposeful Practice=Very Good Golf! Get the Tour Aim Alignment Sticks, they fit better! Get it NOW!

Make the most out of your training

To utilize your Tour Aim 2.0 to the fullest, we recommend using four alignment sticks so you can stand properly, aim straight, and ensure a perfect swing plane.

Mentions & Awards


I get asked to endorse a lot of products and I usually don't, but Tour Aim is a product I endorse and use for myself and students!!

Kip Puterbaugh
Aviara School of Golf

If you struggle with alignment, and you probably do, checkout @touraimgolf. This product is fantastic, and I'm not getting paid to say that!!

Sean Foley
Sean Foley Performance

Tour Aim is so effective and simple to use. It fits anywhere and I can set Tour Aim up for my students in seconds!!

Noah Montgomer
Hit With the Truth

Tour Aim is so effective, I use it in my setup for every lesson. Wouldn't teach without it!!

Robert Linville
Precision Golf School


Tour Aim's True Target Alignment system will drastically improve you aim and alignment while you practice. By focusing on your Aim and Alignment while you practice you will be able to go to the course and know you are properly aimed and aligned on every shot!!  For more information and videos on how Tour Aim can improve your game visit our instagram account @touraimgolf

Any standard 5/16 (.3125") diameter alignment sticks work with Tour Aim.  Some alignment sticks have plastic covers on both ends and unless those are removable they will not work with the Tour Aim.  Our alignment sticks are specifically designed to work best in Tour Aim

Yes, please see our video section and instagram @touraimgolf and on youtube for how to use Tour Aim to improve your game!!

Yes, please send us a email using our  contact us form and we will get you set up for our Professional Use Discount!!

Yes please use the contact us form or chat feature for our affiliate program information

Yes, please use the contact us form or chat feature for wholesale pricing and we will send that information!!

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