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Tour Aim 2.0 With 3 Alignment Sticks + Alignment Stick Headcover

Tour Aim 2.0 With 3 Alignment Sticks + Alignment Stick Headcover

(Includes How-To Video Series & One FREE Online Swing Lesson).


Product Details

The Tour Aim 2.0 will help you with:

- Fixing your alignment so you learn HOW to align at your intended target (95% of our right handed golfers that we work with in our Tour Aim Academy aim to the right of their target).

- Fixing your over the top golf swing so you can stop hitting slices and pull hooks and start hitting tight draws or fades that fly TOWARD your target rather than away from your target.

- Fixing the stubbed and bladed chips and pitches around the greens (which means you'll get more up and down and instantly lower your scores).

- Eliminating 3-putts and helping you make more putts inside 10 feet so you save more pars and make LESS bogeys and doubles.

What's Inside The Box?

Inside The Box:
- The Tour Aim 2.0!
- 3 Tour Aim Golf Alignment Sticks w/ Headcover!

🎁 FREE Bonuses When Purchasing Today 🎁
- FREE How-To Video Series For Setting Up & Using The Tour Aim 2.0!

- One FREE 1 on 1 Online Swing Lesson With Your Personally Assigned Coach (Usually $129, Free Today).

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Customer Reviews

Based on 105 reviews
Patrick Kelly
Great product

Easy set up and easy to use. I use this with my high school golf team. The team is always using it.

Kenny Smith

The tour aim is really good for the range . But is extremely difficult on the putting green.

John Perry
Excellent Practice Aid

I coach high school golf and one of the things I have been doing for years is giving each player two alignment sticks when they join the team. Getting them to use them correctly, or even at all, has been a problem though. I recently purchased a Tour Aim to try out and have since purchased 5 more for team members to use. It makes using alignment sticks so much easier and more efficient. When you want to change targets, you don't have to re-align two sticks, you can just pick up the whole assembly and point it at the new target. There are no longer issues when you accidentally kick a stick or hit one while moving a ball into position. It's also really easy to move the whole assembly when you need to move to a different piece of turf.

I am extremely happy with the purchase, this is an excellent training aid and makes practice more efficient!

Michael Clanahan
Love the product

Love the product. Honestly it’s best to go ahead and get the alignment sticks to make sure everything sets up correctly. However, I order the 4 sticks after the tour aim 2.0 and it does not come with the alignment sticks cover.

JD Dourneau
5 Star Product & Customer Service

Had a little misunderstanding with my Tour Aim. With the help of the great customer service, we we're able to get it figured out. I'm really happy I chose this training aid versus the many other similar trainings aids that are out there. The Tour Aim does it all and more. Thanks again Tour Aim!

Transform Your Game with Tour Aim 2.0 Watch the Demo Below


Make your range time more effective and efficient by using Tour Aim. Train how to properly aim and align to targets and become a disciplined range player from the first second you use it. We guarantee that Tour Aim will help improve your game, and you will see an immediate improvement in your range sessions or your money back.


Easy To Put Together

It only takes a few seconds to put together and to adjust to new targets. 


Works With Any Surface
Grass, Turf, Mats - no matter the surface, TOUR AIM will hold your alignment sticks anywhere you need them and greatly reduces wear and tear on grass ranges.


Suitable For Both Right And Left Handed Golfers
Just turn the Tour Aim around, and it works the same for Left Handers.


Designed For Golfers Of All Skill Levels
Tour Aim helps you improve your aim for both short and long-distance shots.


Current Alignment 


  • No True target alignment...

  • Hard to properly align and move to new targets.

  • Mindless practice without proper aim which leads to subpar results.

Tour Aim 2.0

True Target Aim

  • True Target Aim: Aim and hit down the true intended target line.
  • Easily adjust Tour Aim to new targets in seconds.
  • Train your eyes, brain, and body how to properly aim at your desired target.
  • Develop proper range habits, which in turn will result in better play on the course.