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Introducing the all-new Tour Aim 2.0 - the premier golf swing aid for enhanced aim, alignment, and swing plane. Now offering 5 swing plane features, a lighter build, and an upgraded putting sight line.  Get a FREE 1 on 1 Online Lesson personalized to you with your purchase of The Tour Aim today!

Product Details

Experience next-level accuracy with Tour Aim. This award-winning training aid is designed to help you hone your aim and alignment, so you can have total confidence in your shots on the course. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced golfer, Tour Aim will help you take your game to new heights. Simply use it during your practice sessions to focus on your aim and alignment, and watch as your scores plummet.

What's Inside

  • One swing plane with two swing plane angles for Woods(W) & Irons(I).
  • Alignment sticks.

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Transform Your Game with Tour Aim 2.0 - Watch the Demo Below


Make your range time more effective and efficient by using Tour Aim. Train how to properly aim and align to targets and become a disciplined range player from the first second you use it. We guarantee that Tour Aim will help improve your game, and you will see an immediate improvement in your range sessions or your money back.


Easy To Put Together

It only takes a few seconds to put together and to adjust to new targets. 


Works With Any Surface
Grass, Turf, Mats - no matter the surface, TOUR AIM will hold your alignment sticks anywhere you need them and greatly reduces wear and tear on grass ranges.


Suitable For Both Right And Left Handed Golfers
Just turn the Tour Aim around, and it works the same for Left Handers.


Designed For Golfers Of All Skill Levels
Tour Aim helps you improve your aim for both short and long-distance shots.


Current Alignment 


  • No True target alignment...

  • Hard to properly align and move to new targets.

  • Mindless practice without proper aim which leads to subpar results.

Tour Aim 2.0

True Target Aim

  • True Target Aim: Aim and hit down the true intended target line.
  • Easily adjust Tour Aim to new targets in seconds.
  • Train your eyes, brain, and body how to properly aim at your desired target.
  • Develop proper range habits, which in turn will result in better play on the course.

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews

Thing is built cheap. Great concept but plastic is to hard. I dropped mine in my simulator room and it broke in half . The alignment sticks are nice.


Looks great. Just watched all training videos and cant wait to get to the range and use it. Hopefully it will helped me break 80 soon.

Blake McIlwain
Great training aid

Just received the Tour aim a few days ago. Spent a total of 3hrs on the range working on fixing my over the top swing. First round after the practice and hit more soft draws than I expected to hit. Can only imagine how much better it will get with more range time.

Lee S.
Tour Aim 2.0

Tour Aim 2.0 has been a game changer. Being able to lay out alignment sticks is great but having the extra prop for swing plain is dynamite. The fact that the setup can be changed over to putting shows just how much value there is in this device. Now I know for a fact that my swing is on plane and in alignment for both hitting and putting. Would highly recommend for anyone that has work to do on their game and wants to see the piece of mind that this aid can develop in confidence.

Richard Hornsby
Great Training Aid

I really enjoy the Tour Aim, as it provides excellent ability to center your body, ball, and stroke along with work on different facets of your game. My only gripe would be the lack of directions regarding the swing plane inserts. It took me forever to realize the degree markings on the Tour Aim referred to corresponding swing plane and not corresponding club loft. For a new golfer like myself, this was frustrating and confusing since the club markings did not match up with the swing plane markings and it took me an hour on Google to realize how swing plane differed from loft and what degree of swing plane corresponded to each club type.